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Thank you for visiting our sales page.  Currently, we have horses for sale. Not all horses are listed. Feel free to call.

As of March 2018 our partial sales list includes:

SOLD!2017 Cocoa II aka Boon - Chocolate Palomino APHA weanling colt. If you are looking for a horse with a nice SLIDE STOP this boy is worth coming to see!!! Beautiful in many ways! When watching the video note he will slide stop on the right side of the arena but not the left due to hard eneven ground.  
Boon is one good looking young man put together right! He's friendly and willing to please. He has lots of athletic ability and will grow to be a nice size. And his COLOR, a chocolate palomino is a HARD FIND! Look at his dam's pedigree at   See his sire's bloodlines by clicking on the Bloodline button.   He should excel in cows, reining, barrels, western classes, trail and more.     SOLD!

Dottie - 2001 APHA Chocolate chestnut overo mare

Currently not for sale but....will be after she gives birth in May 2018. Currently pregnant for a late May 2018 foal by First Class Chippewa! I will be posting recent pictures of her as soon as she sheds this spring. You can see a few pictures of her on the broodmare page. You may also find pictures of her with her past foals on this site. Foals include Egypt, Dolce, Dreamer, Junior, and Buddy. The cross between Dottie and Chippewa just works! She comes with a breeding to Chippewa if you prefer. $4,500 priced very reasonably!

There is something about this mare! We all agree she's an old, wise soul who's been around longer than her years. She's will get to your heart and see all the best in you! I really love this mare but it's time to let her go due to down sizing.

This is an extremely nice mare! Before I bought her, she had many months of training for halter, Western Pleasure and then reining. She has been shown and has winnings in a futurity. While with us, she's been used primarily as a broodmare and has produced extremely quality foals with class, looks and calm, sweet minds.

Currently she's NOT for sale until late summer of 2018. If you have an exceptional home for her, please contact us.    2007 Egyptian Time - Halter/Western Pleasure bred fancy chocolate palomino overo APHA mare! This is a mare with a calm, sweet as honey personality. She LOVES attention! I have changed my mind about selling her many times, but this time is for real. These pictures are her when she was 2 years old. Current pictures available upon request. These pictures do nothing for the horse she is now! She's grown up nicely! Egypt has had 5 month professional western pleasure training by Rusty Paris and is on the path to being an excellent Western Pleasure/Reiner show horse. She's a great mover and has a natural slide stop!   She's talented and very level headed.   Ridden at the beach and into the ocean.   Ridden in our local river bed and down the country roads in our neighborhood   A real all around show prospect that can take you to the top!   Pictured below as weanling in Sept 2007 and two year old in 2009.  Full sister to Buddy below.   Eygpt's mother, Dottie, is a futurity winner and can be found on the Broodmare page.  Between 15.1 and 15.2 hands  $6,500

Egypt ~ Click HERE to see more pictures.

Egypt If you are interested in a show horse that has a 10 plus fluid movement, this classy and graceful mare should clean up the show.   She's very light in the face and knows all her cues! VERY pleasant to ride!  

2007 Prince Charming - Four year old loud palomino overo gelding - full brother to Frosty below (and looks like him, too).   A very stout horse!   Ranch versitility or trail ride this guy!   Mellow fellow and easy going.  Beefy and colorful!   He's been to the beach, ridden in the neighborhood and trail ridden/camped in the high Sierra's! Very solid horse! $5500 Pictures coming soon!

Below horses for reference:

SOLD!2011 Razzle - Palomino APHA yearling colt with 4 socks. The video below is a late weanling video. Currently he's a late yearling and he is so worth coming to see!  

This is one good looking beefy boy! He's such a friendly character and is a crack up to be around with his entertaining personality.   I'm confident he'll be a great athlete and should excel in cows, reining, barrels, western classes, trail and more.   He has four white socks with a beautiful 'not too dark and not too light' glossy dappled palomino coat. He sports a long white mane and tail!   His blood lines include Diamond Jim, Skipper W, Snipper Reed, and more.   Also, his 26 year old Paint mom, Blue Eyes, is for sale preferably with him.   See them both in the video above.   Keep in mind Razzle is much larger now!   He's the youngest in the group last year so seems smaller in this video.   He's definitely grown A LOT!   Should mature to 15.1 hands.   SOLD!

SOLD! And she'll be missed!    2010 Dreamer - Chocolate palomino APHA filly (solid) These pictures are from last summer and will be updated when she sheds out this spring. This filly is incredible!   Really, I canít find another one that's so gooey sweet, docile, and pretty!   Her colors change with the seasons and currently she is a hard palomino with a long beautiful silver mane! A real horse of a different color!   She is destined to excel from shows, cows, trails, to an all around horse!   Her personality is very easy going and she's a dream to be around!   And does she ever have a pretty face! Dreamer is well put together and her movement is flat kneed and fluid. Her mother was a futurity winner in halter and she has many champions in her bloodlines! Donít miss out on this precious rarity! Youíll want to kiss her all over! Be the first to come see her! Contact me for more pictures. A definite show prospect!   (Find her full siblings on this site - Buddy, Junior, Egypt, Cocoa, and Dulce!)
See a video of this filly from last September.   SOLD!


SOLD last spring! 2008 Fritz - Dappled buckskin AQHA 3 year old. The picture above is a late yearling photo.   Ready to start!   Fritz is cutting and reining bred out of a Slip Down Lena (won over 116K) cutting mare.   This handsome colt should mature to around 15.1H and should be stout.   He's a nice mover and very athletic!   Has a sweet personality, too!   With his champion bloodlines, he should make a good reiner, cow horse, or an 'as you wish' horse!'   His parents are available for viewing.   SOLD

To see video clip of him playing as a youngster click HERE.   Video is from early May 09. He's obviously much, much larger now!
If the clip doesn't load copy this below text into your browser

Sold! 2008 Junior   Halter/Western Pleasure bred fancy chocolate palomino APHA colt with three tall socks.   This guy will be huge and is a prospect for all around.  A very 'look at me' horse   Full brother to Egyptian Time pictured below.   Also, full sibling to Buddy pictured at the bottom of this page and Dolce pictured on the sold page. Sold!

Junior ~ Click HERE to see more pictures!

Junior (Registered APHA name "Espresso Truffle")

Sold!   2009 Slick - Palomino loud overo.  Full brother and almost identically marked to Frosty (scroll down for Frosty's picture).   Very beefy colt born early May!   This one could halter and ride!   This boy was born large and is destined to be a good sized, chunky, correct stallion or gelding (your choice). He sports a wide chest, large hip, a deep heart girth, and great coloring! If you are looking for a breeding quality stallion or a flashy gelding, this is your boy! With the bloodlines of our stallion (pedigree found on our site), added with Commission Man, Triple Tough, Triple's Image, Sugar Bars, Diamond Jim, and King Ranch breeding he can show, cow, rein, parade or trail ride.  You can look a long time to find one with a build like this!   He's nice!  Sold!  

Slick ~ Click HERE to see more pictures!

Slick 2009 - APHA registerable

SOLD! 2008 Lucky   Darker brass palomino APHA SPB (solid) filly with Western pleasure bloodlines - a very nice mover!  Zippo Pine Bar breeding and other champions.   See a picture of her mother below "Snickers." Out of a long line of APHA enormous point earners in Western Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Trail, Western Riding.   Grandmother - Ca State Champion in Western Pleasure, Trail, Western Riding, Reserve World Champion Trail horse.  Won lounge line futurity, and 2 year old Western Pleasure futurity at the prestigeous Bakerfield show.  Other enormous point earners in her bloodlines!  Too much to list.  SOLD

Lucky ~ To see other photos of Lucky click HERE

Lucky ~ registered APHA SOLD

Sold! 2009 Nick (See picture below)- Cutting bred palomino AQHA colt out of a Slip Down Lena (won over $65,000.00 - 1991- NCHA Silver Award) cutting mare. Nick's dam is a full sister to "Shut Up and Cut" (Earner of $116,000.00) and "Slip Down and Ride" (earner over $18,000.00). To see "Nick's" dam's pedigree click HERE   ~ full sister to the filly featured in this link.   Nick's athletic, quick and quiet minded! Nick currently sports a 3 inch white spot on his belly qualifying him for double registration in AQHA and APHA! Show him in both associations! Sold!

Nick ~ Click HERE to see more pictures!

Nick (AQHA/APHA)- please see write up above

Sold!   1999 Cowboy - Big stout 15.1 hand sorrel APHA riding sorrel (almost flaxen) gelding with tall jagged socks and face markings -very massive, and chesty!   Would make a good ranch horse!   Sold!  

Sold! 2006 Chip's Hostess Tweenkie (aka Tweenkie)  Three year old solid palomino filly - full sister to Lacey found on foal page. Kind, sweet hearted, and gorgeous in color! Adventurous horse! Also has been ridden at the beach, river, and neighborhood.   Great trail horse or ranch prospect!  Sold!


Click here to see more pictures!

Sold! Chip's Hostess Tweenkie - please see write up above

Sold! 2000 Snickers - See photo below. Quality APHA SPB (solid) chestnut mare (with black mane/tail & 4 white socks) by Skippa Heathen (APHA champion) out of a Zippo Pine Bar (AQHA legendary sire) mare.  In foal/pregnant for a early April baby by Chippewa.   Snickers showed lounge line at Bakersfield and went on to have 6 month of professional training for Western Pleasure.   She is well trained and very responsive!   With a minimal refresher, you could have her back in the show ring.   She's a great mover and very athletic - reiner potential!   Her mother - Ca State Champion in Western Pleasure, Trail, Western Riding, Reserve World Champion Trail horse.  Won lounge line futurity, and 2 year old Western Pleasure futurity at the prestigeous Bakerfield show.  Other enormous point earners in her bloodlines!   Mother of three. Been ridden in the mountains, beach, neighborhood and more.  A very solid horse.  .Sold!


Click HERE to see more pictures!
Sold! ~ Snickers

We couldn't be more happy with Chippewa's foal crops! Their builds and personalities are top quality! Click on each picture to see more.

Sold! Full brother to Slick listed above! Frosty - A rare loud 2004 APHA palomino overo colt! Pictured here as a YEARLING in May of 2005. Two years old in March of 2006. Sold! This colt sold right away to the first people who came to look at him! He's nice!   Congratulations on your purchase of this nice colt! Sold!

Click on her pictures to see more!

Freckles - 2005 filly. Freckles as a foal - You can look long and hard for one like this and never find her! Freckles is a rare loud sabino overo APHA palomino filly - a very colorful one! Full sister to Frosty (listed below) this filly was born very good sized and should mature to well above 15.1 hands. She's conformationally correct, leggy, and has all the attributes of a wonderful show quality filly! On top of this, her personality is extremely friendly and her favorite pass time is trying to get your attention. We find it hard to take our eyes off her! Her bloodlines include that of our stallion (pedigree found on our site), along with Commission Man, Triple Tough, Triple's Image, Sugar Bars, Diamond Jim, and King Ranch breeding. With these bloodlines you can't miss! Born and bred to be quality! To see more pictures, click on the pictures above.   Thank you for the inquires. We have decided to keep her. However, best to contact us in case we change our minds!

SOLD ~ Full brother to Egypt and Junior listed above! Buddy ~ Another hard find! Show quality chocolate APHA palomino colt. He should be a rich gold color when grown! Born April 1st and already very good sized! This is one classy boy with an Arabian like head, large hip, with a smooth well muscled body! Dam is a halter futurity winner, Miss Texas Request - APHA, you can find under the broodmare page Click here.. Full sister to Cocoa listed under the yearling page. His show pedigree includes include Quorum, Easter Sunrise, Smooth Town, Sir Raleigh and plenty more. If you like to hit the road and show or just like owning a 'look at me' horse to trail ride, come take a look at Buddy! He's awesome! To see more pictures, click on the pictures above. A quality foal!  SOLD!

Prices negotiable to approved homes.