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We are Colorado State University Certified for collection, shipping, and artificial insemenation. Thank you to all our nationally shipped customers!

Our shipped semen policy is designed to make your breeding experience cost effective and convenient.   The first shipment incurs no charge for the actual collection.   You only pay the cost of shipping and that's all. After this we charge $85 per collection plus Fed Ex shipping costs.  

We do require a deposit for the equitainer at its' replacement cost of $275 payable prior to shipping.   Other available options are the disposable containers good for 24 hour shipping. We stock both the Bio Flite and Hamilton Research Laboratory's Clipper.   Customer pays our purchase cost of $25 - $30.   Benefits of this include no cost of return shipment and no reason to drive to a mailing center.   However, we strongly recommend using the 72 hour Equitainer for best results! We will ship directly to the veterinarian or to your farm.